Lee Haight – President of Sky Diamonds University

Lee Haight, son of Donny Haight, grew up in the roofing business with both his father and uncle owning roofing companies. Lee sold his first roofing job when he was 13 and has never looked back. Lee runs the field operations and helps jumpstart business in new markets. He is the driving force behind the sales teams and provides much motivation and charisma in the office.

As President of Roofing Professionals gaining experience in the field and out of the field from every aspect of the roofing industry. Lee saw great opportunity in creating and providing solutions to his team to help him and his father scale a roofing company to over $20M annually. Sky Diamonds University was one of those solutions and ended up being one of the greatest assets a roofing owner can provide to his team.

With a one stop training solution available on any phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, his team could access the university to train in real time after hearing an objection at the door. Or when needing to learn something on the fly to complete an inspection. Or when other roofing owners/managers need operations training, SDU became the go-to solution for not just Roofing Professionals, but also 100+ other ADU clients. Start training and scaling your way to multi millions in the roofing industry today with Sky Diamonds University.

To learn more about Lee: https://skydiamondsuniversity.com



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