About iSell Network

Zac Johnson

Founder of iSell

Zac Johnson dropped out of college after awakening to his love of sales. He joined with AT&T and quickly achieved success. He did not agree with the business practices and left to go somewhere where he could set his perimeters and accepted an offer to sell high-end custom suits.

Zac decided on a mindset of if you do not know, the thing to do is not get scared, but to learn.

He then went on to conquer the number one sales position for custom suiting in the entire country from a Dillards located in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Feeling the heavy burden of unfulfilled potential, Zac began searching for a harder challenge and a more significant opportunity for success. He took a chance by accepting an offer from a two-person company called Moose Roofing located in Omaha, Nebraska.

Starting as the only sales guy, Zac rose to become the CEO and built a dedicated team that took the company from 2 million dollars to 11 million dollars in sales in three short years. Aside from the goal of making Moose roofing a 100 million dollar company, he feels a responsibility to help others realize; the world you desire can be won.

Austin Anderson

Creative Director

Austin has been a stand-up comedian for over eighteen years and has performed at some of the most prestigious comedy clubs in the country.

He appeared on Comedy Central as a featured comic on Adam DeVine’s House Party, and as an actor on Workaholics, as well as America’s Got Talent.

Austin has an extensive background in radio, copywriting, marketing, and sales.

He loves running the media department for Moose Roofing and on his downtime loves spending his time with his wife of 14 years, his son, daughter and three chihuahuas he refers to as the; rat pack.

Wyatt Simonson

Art Director

Wyatt has been an artist since he was young. He has always dreamt of being able to turn his passion for art into a lifestyle. He first thought that it would be able to happen through Engineering, but that failed to be a creative enough adventure so he moved on and decided to go to school for Graphic Design.

Once in school he knew it would be the right track for him to start his journey as an artist as a career. Only a year into school and he was found by Zac Johnson, an old friend from childhood, who offered Wyatt a full-time Graphic Designing job working for Moose Roofing.

Wyatt enjoys spending time doing any of his many hobbies; some examples include; golf, hockey, fishing, guitar, and working on home projects.